A PUB in Bourne End could be closed all week after flooding damaged the drains, leaving the establishment with no working toilet facilities.

The Spade Oak on Coldmoorholme Lane in Bourne End, shut its doors on Sunday this week and has not opened since, because of the flooding.

The pub has recently acquired a new landlady who admits since starting in the middle of January it has not all been plain sailing.

Zoe Skinns said: “Our car park is completely gone and the water has affected the drains so we are closed until they get fixed.

“However, no-one can get to the pipes because they are all under water. I am hoping we will be open by the weekend.”

The drain system is flooded and every time a toilet is flushed the water rises to the top, this could lead to water overflowing, if flushed numerous times.

Miss Skinns said: “Although there is no damage to the pub we don’t have any working toilets so we can’t open.”

Miss Skinns is hopeful the car park will soon clear and the drains can be fixed.

She said: “We hadn’t realised it was going to be quite this bad, we have been isolated.”