EXPOSURE to asbestos caused the death of a Great Kingshill man, an inquest heard.

Cyril George Tapley, 82, died at home on January 10.

Beaconsfield Coroner's Court heard there was no post mortem but a doctor's note provided after his death showed he had been diagnosed with meseothelioma in May 2011, which was caused by his exposure to asbestos, and he also developed Parkinson's Disease in August 2012.

A statement was read out from his daughter, Julia Cotterell, which said her father was exposed to asbestos in two periods of his life.

Mr Tapley lived in Ilford, Essex when he was growing up near to an asbestos factory, when at the time there were no regulations.

In his early career from 1954 he worked as a chemist at the Radiochemical Centre in Amersham, where he worked with asbestos.

She said her dad had already received industrial compensation and his wife, Joyce, brother, Paul and herself did not wish to pursue any further legal action.

Coroner Richard Hulett recorded a conclusion that he died from an industrial disease.