WITH the Wycombe Swan's Youth Theatre not running this spring a group of creative professionals decided to fill the gap with a new group with a début production about zombies.

With the High Wycombe Town Hall being renovated talented youngsters have been unable to show off their skills in the spring production of the Swan's youth theatre project, as it is usually performed at the hall.

So in steps a group of young professionals who call themselves The Renegade Youth Theatre and the gap has been filled.

At the end of this month a cast of 35 youngsters will perform Zombie Prom at the Arts4Every1 Centre in Desborough Road.

Samuel Parker, co-director and choreographer, said: "At the moment this is a bit of a test to see if there was an interest.

"We have a cast of 35. I think the product we will come out with will spur on something further."

All the behind the scenes team have worked together before in one form or another, and have worked with the Swan's youth theatre projects before. Their producer, Mark Jones, has been producing in professional theatre and entertainment for more than 20 years.

He has played lead roles in tours alongside the likes of Shane Richie and has toured as the presenter of both The Sooty Show and Rainbow Live!

Mark has spent the past six years moving away from a successful performing career to the more ‘behind the scenes’ roles of writing, directing and producing shows for theatre.

The other members of the team include Chloé James, co-director and choreographer, Jerome van den Bergh, musical director and Anna and Julia Saunders working in the costume section.

Samuel, who has worked at various theatres in the area, said: "We are incredibly excited. I think the thing we are keen to put out there- we are not a run of the mill theatre company.

"We are being as creative as we can possibly be."

The show, Zombie Prom, is set in a 1950s high school with the law laid down by a zany principal. Sweet girl Toffee has fallen for the class bad boy but her parents force her to end the romance.

He goes off on his bike to the nuclear waste dump and returns glowing- determined to reclaim her heat and take her to the prom. It features original songs in the style of the 50s.

The budding actors, aged between 12 and 19, have been rehearsing at the Round House since November. Samuel, 24, said: "It is like Grease with zombies. It is tongue in cheek and ridiculous.

"It is a lot of fun. We wanted to choose something that was a bit further afield than Grease of Oliver.

"We wanted to do something the kids were intrigued by, rather than thinking 'I want to be something I have been part of before.'"

The show runs from February 26 to 28 at 7.30pm at The Arts4Every1 Centre in Desborough Road, High Wycombe. Tickets are £12. Go to www.renegadeyouththeatre.com

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