A CHURCH rector has praised the community spirit shown during the floods as offers of help pour in after he put his name forward as a point of contact for stricken residents.

Reverend Dave Bull and his colleagues at All Saints Church volunteered to give assistance to Marlovians in distress, with his number listed as an emergency contact on Marlow Town Council’s website.

All Saints has suffered its own unprecedented problems with the church crypt, which used as a youth club, flooding for the first time since it was built 170 years ago.

But despite the deluge facing many residents, Rev. Bull said offers of help and support have flooded in, outweighing those calling for help.

He said: "I’ve been out to some of the worst affected places and visited houses where water has come up through the floor, it’s devastating for those families.

"But it brings out the best in people and groups of neighbours are really looking after each other.

"We have advertised for people to phone if they need help, and for every request for help we’ve had ten offering their support.

"I’ve been speaking to members of the congregation and they say it’s the worst they have seen it in 50 years.

"It’s the biggest thing to hit the town in decades and the one thing I’ve picked up is that people just want to do something to help and to all be together."

Rev. Bull, who arrived in Marlow in February 2012, opened All Saints Church on Wednesday night for people to pray and reflect on the problems they and their neighbours have experienced, with around 70 people attending.

On Sunday, church staff put a message out on Facebook for people to help, with 25 people showoing up to volunteer at an hour’s notice.

He said the youth club at the Causeway church will have to be temporarily suspended after up to three inches of water flooded the crypt.

Rev. Bull believes it is the first time the crypt has flooded.

He said: "We had to go in there, move out the sofas and get the furniture out of the way. We probably won’t be able to run any youth facilities for a while.

"But luckily we don’t suspect there is any major damage."