BEACONSFIELD Town Council wants to know residents views on the proposed plans for the Wilton Park development so they can respond to the planning brief.

The development planning brief for Wilton Park, a former MOD owned site, is in consultation until February 28.

Beaconsfield Town Councillor, Alan Walters, said: “The town council would welcome comments from residents prior to our meeting on the 27th so we can formulate a response by 5pm the following day.”

Although the Wilton Park Watch held a consultation regarding the planning brief, only around two hundred people attended and the council would like to gauge a wider opinion from the 12,000 residents in the areas.

Mr Walters said: “Wilton Park Watch virtually ignored the town council and we have got 12,000 residents. We want to get a wider view on this.”

If you have any comments the council urge you to get in touch. Send your views to town clerk Margaret Mathie on Property developers Jansons have also challenged the sale of the site to Inland Homes and have requested a judicial review.

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