MARLOW’S Higginson Park will remain closed this weekend over worries about contaminated water.

Wycombe District Council has decided to keep the park closed for the safety of visitors as floodwater could be contaminated.

There are also reports of pets becoming ill after drinking the dirty water.

Spokesman for WDC, Catherine Spalton, said: “While an area of flooding like we have in Higginson Park may seem like a good opportunity for a family photo, or a new play area for the family pet, we really don’t know what’s floating in the water.

"So we are treating floodwater as contaminated and recommending that you avoid contact with it. If contact is unavoidable, wash your hands regularly with soap and maintain good personal hygiene.

“Swallowing floodwater or mud can cause diarrhoea, fever or abdominal pain. If you’ve had contact with floodwater you should mention it to your GP if you need to see them GP within 10 days for abdominal complaints.”

She added if you really do need to go into floodwater to take extra care as there could be hidden dangers like sharp objects, raised manhole covers and other pollution. Further information and advice is available from Public Health England website.