CONCERNED residents are campaigning to have parking measures enforced on their road, with commuters currently making life difficult and dangerous.

A number of home-owners in Gerrards Cross last week pleaded with members of the Parish Council to help them in their attempt to reduce traffic and danger.

One man who spoke at the parish council meeting wants to reduce the danger of people parking on a sharp corner on Layters Way.

Ben Blackman, who lives on the road, said: “There is a sharp right-angled bend in the middle of the road near the footbridge towards the station.

“A good number of people park near it to go to the station. The problem is the closer people park to the footbridge the closer they are to the bend.”

Mr Blackman added: “It is very difficult and dangerous as we also have traffic through the road because of the nearby schools.

“My neighbour’s carers can’t park near her and we think it is now time for serious consideration for parking restrictions to be put in place.”

Layters Way connects both Bull lane and Bulstrode Way and has a high volume of traffic.

Councillor and leader for the speeding and parking working group, Ian Bayliss, said: “The problem is the people who use the station are parking there because it’s free.

“The problem is that it is £7 a day to park there and it doesn’t make sense for some people who can park elsewhere for free.”

The parish council are also researching how to improve traffic in other areas too with East Common and West Common highlighted as troubled areas.

Mr Bayliss said: “We are very sympathetic to them and we will help where we can.”

The Parish Council are now waiting for a 'toolbox' to be able to refer the situation to Bucks County Council.

The 'toolbox' will enable the council to gauge public opinion and formulate a suggestion to be passed on to Bucks County Council.