AN elderly woman from Amersham died in hospital as a result of complications from surgery to her leg, an inquest was told.

Dorothy Briley died from acute limb ischemia as a result of a self-limiting, post procedural bleed from percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography angioplasty to the artery of the lower limb.

The 91-year-old was made aware of the risks before she underwent the elective surgery to improve the blood flow to her legs at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Wednesday’s inquest was told.

A procedure on her left leg in November appeared to have been successful but complications arose during the treatment on her right leg on December 18.

Doctors discovered bleeding into the abdomen from an arterial puncture site in the groin and a blood clot in the artery around the knee.

The housewife from Highland Road declined amputation and asked “to be made comfortable” as there were no options available to the doctors of a patient of Mrs Briley’s age and health.

She died on December 23, Beaconsfield Coroner’s Court was told.

Dr Maciej Juszczyk said the complications “could happen to anyone”

The Buckinghamshire Coroner Richard Hulett reached a conclusion of misadventure.