ANNOYED market stall holders have hit-out at a private parking management company whose parked car caused a disruption at the market.

The farmer’s market stall holders in Beaconsfield often have difficulties setting up their stalls because of parked cars and this weekend a G24 Parking Solution car was pictured causing an obstruction.

Market Manager, Diane Harker, said: "We always put out ‘No Parking’ Cones the night before as well as signs requesting people not to leave cars there overnight.”

“The irony on Saturday, however, was that the offender in question was a national company that calls itself 'Parking Management Solutions'.

She added: “It appears that when it comes to their own behaviour they are not bounded by the same "rules" that they apply to others."

G24 boasts a client list which includes Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Matalan.

When questioned, the private parking management company refused to comment.