DURING a debate last night, town councillors discussed their reaction to the Wilton Park development brief with members of the public also making their views known.

Discussing their response to the Supplementary Planning Brief for the formerly owned MOD site, a number of concerns were raised.

Amongst concerns touched upon in their response were the proposed Relief Road at the London End junction, car parking and infrastructure including schools and surgeries.

However, a number of people who saw the draft response felt enough had not been done to make the towns views heard at that point.

Local resident, Deborah Sanders, said: “The consultation document is 89-pages long. I was disappointed that our elected town councillors could only respond with a two-page document that had factual inaccuracies.

“They had made no attempt to gain public opinion and the only opportunity to comment on this short draft document was 24 hours before the deadline for submission.”

There is a 5pm deadline today for the end of the public consultation and after discussing their draft response last night, the Town council will submit their final findings today.

In their draft response it said that the council believed “the entrance to Wilton Park should be of such construction that it is capable of forming part of the Relief Road.

“This will enable BCC to grasp the opportunity to construct the rest of the Relief Road which will ensure the viability of the Wilton Park development.”

The town council have said they are doing all they can to make residents opinions on the development known and will hopefully have a response to the brief by 5pm this afternoon.

At the start of the debate, the council engaged in answering questions and used this as a basis for the debate.

The development could see 250-350 new homes, a new community hub and the possibility of the first stage of a Relief Road to London End being built.

If you would like to submit your views on the planning brief, please email: ldf@southbucks.gov.uk