THERE'S one thing for sure after seeing Some Girl I Used To Know- Denise Van Outen can certainly knock out a tune.

The actress and presenter brought her one woman show to the Wycombe Swan at the end of last week and I wasn't too sure what to expect.

But I was pleasantly surprised- not only can Van Outen sing amazingly but she can act and has good comic timing.

When I hear a show has just one person in it I cannot help but feel a little deterred. It is incredibly hard to keep the audience enthralled all by yourself.

But Van Outen managed to do just that last Thursday evening.

The storyline isn't going to win any big awards for its originality but then that is not what the show is about.

It's about having fun and just enjoying an evening of light entertainment at the theatre.

Van Outen, who also co wrote the show with Terry Ronald, plays Stephanie.

She is a successful business women who is away promoting her products and the show is focused in her hotel bedroom.

She bemoans her lack of privacy and how her marriage has become slightly stale.

A poke from an old boyfriend on Facebook has her reminiscing to when they were together when she was a teenager.

It's cleverly done- with sound effects and lighting- and the play doesn't dawdle.

It is funny too and Van Outen had the audience laughing along with her.

The songs from the 80s and 90s are also a good added touch and this is where Van Outen really shines. Her voice is amazing- she doesn't falter at all.

I would have liked to hear some more catchy tunes but I don't suppose they would have worked well with the storyline.

It was a good evening of entertainment and Van Outen held together the whole show with ease.

There are four more dates of the tour left, finishing in Dartford from March 17 to 19.

Go to for more details.