A SCHOOL in Penn is making “reasonable progress” towards the removal of special measures, which it was placed in last summer.

Penn School’s Ofsted report last May rated it inadequate across the board, and has since been monitored.

The results of the second monitoring inspection by Ofsted was published last Thursday and showed the school is making reasonable progress, but it is not allowed to appoint newly qualified teachers at the moment.

It is a non maintained day and boarding school for pupils aged 11 to 19 with communication difficulties associated with hearing impairment, autistic spectrum disorder or speech and language difficulties.

The inspection last May said the school must improve the quality of teaching so it enables all students to make at least good progress; improve students’ achievements and strengthen leadership and management.

Since the previous monitoring report in September three senior leaders and two class teachers have left.

The three senior leadership positions, including the post of deputy head teacher, are currently covered on a temporary basis.

But two class teachers and an experienced teacher to lead on the teaching of science joined in January.

The report said: “Students’ progress in reading, writing and mathematics is inconsistent in classes across the school because policies and agreed approaches for teaching these subjects have yet to be agreed and implemented.”

But it said promising systems have been introduced to record students’ attainment against National Curriculum levels and to check students’ progress.

It said in most lessons there is an appropriate variety of activities which helps to capture students’ interest.

It said teachers are developing lesson plans but some lack challenge, particularly for the most able students. A behaviour team has been set up and the report added:

“The school provides an orderly environment and in lessons students show a strong desire to learn.”

Several aspects of leadership and management have been strengthened since the last inspection. But more needs to be done to focus sufficiently on monitoring and improving teachers’ knowledge.

The school has also been benefitting from an independent educational consultant. The school will continue to be monitored by Ofsted.