PARENTS have been warned that dangerous driving near a local school could endanger children’s safety.

Staff at Carrington Junior School, in Flackwell Heath, has said that despite parking difficulties in the area parents should not risk lives by using the school premises.

In a letter home to parents, headteacher, Amanda Fell, said: “The flow of cars in and out is a Health and Safety risk for the children arriving in the morning and leaving at the end of the day.

“Unsafe turning and reversing and the hurry to get in and out is an accident waiting to happen which is the last thing that anyone wants.”

The car park at Carrington Junior School, on Chapel Road, is used by parents for convenience but the schools headteacher has said it isn’t a public car park.

Miss Fell said: “The safety of our children is all of our concern so we all need to ensure that this takes priority over a convenient drop off or pick up.”

She added: “I am writing very concerned about the number of parents I have observed using the school car park either before school for drop-off or at the end of the day/club for pick up.

“This is not a public car park and whilst we all recognise the parking issues in the village, using the school car park (even for just a few minutes) is not appropriate.”

As well as the car park parents are also parking outside the local library.

“The library spaces are for library use only and we have been directly told as a school that these are for library customers only and not for school staff or parents use.

“There is a disabled parking space for parents in possession of a blue badge or in the event that is occupied you may use another space as we recognise your individual needs to use the car par.” Miss Fell said.

However, the school have said that it is not just Junior school parents who do this but some Infant School parents.

Staff at the Junior School will now note any parents using the car park during drop off and collection times and those offenders will receive further individual communication.

Miss Fell said: “We thank all of our parents who do park outside of school and walk their children along to school.”