RESIDENTS have breathed a sigh of relief in Hughenden Valley after a short term solution has been found to relieve the problem of flooded drains.

Thames Water installed a pump outside the surgery yesterday in Valley Road, which has stopped diluted sewage flowing down the pavement outside homes.

The problems started on February 14, when manholes stated to overflow.

Although the pump has alleviated problems for Valley Road householders- people in Boss Lane were still having to cope with a sewage flow.

But it is hoped a meeting with a Thames Water boss this afternoon will solve this problem.

Resident David White said: "They have stopped our problem short term. But there is a long way to go yet.

"The issue won't go away."

He said they need to know as householders who to go to for recompense for the time and money spent, which isn't clear in legislation.

Cllr David Caroll is meeting the Thames Water boss, with a resident and chairman of the residents association.

The pump is diverting water under the road and into the stream.

He said: "At least we have got some action. There is a sigh of relief from everybody."

Cllr Carroll added about the meeting: "It is to talk not only about the short term but also the long term. We really don't want this to happen again."