ADVERTS promoting beer and fast-food on a series of bus-stops near two Wycombe schools have prompted a complaint from a deputy headteacher.

Andrew Wright, deputy of John Hampden Grammar School, has penned a letter to the Advertising Standards Agency after parents raised questions about the suitability of the adverts outside Wycombe High.

There are four bus stops at the top of Marlow Hill that are almost exclusively used by children from the two schools.

Over the last few weeks the posters on the shelters have advertised products including Carling lager and fast-food chain KFC.

Mr Wright said: “Advertisers have both a legal and moral obligation to not encourage poor nutritional habits in children and certainly must not target adverts at children if they are promoting alcohol.

“We were therefore very surprised and disappointed to see the school bus stops being used for what seems exactly this purpose.

“Advertising like this undermines some of the work we do in school to educate pupils about healthy eating and underage drinking.”

The ASA confirmed it had received a complaint, which states the adverts are 'socially irresponsible, encourage poor nutritional habits in children and that the Carling ad is irresponsibly targeted.'

The complaint was still being assessed so no decision had been taken as to whether a full investigation would be launched, the ASA added.