THE Wycombe Tamils Community Association is hoping planning approval will be given for a new venue for educational classes and a place of worship.

Sri Sriranjan from the association has put in a planning application for 197 to 199 New Road in Booker, High Wycombe.

The group hope to use it as a place to run educational classes, mediation and to worship.

The back entrance in the car park will be used as the main entrance and sound proofing will be put in the wall between 199 and 201 upstairs.

Mr Sriranjan said: "We have got two activities within our community association. One is for holding classes and the other is to worship every Friday.

"We have been trying to find a place and then we found this one. Hopefully we can use this for the project."

Tamils speak the Tamil language as their mother tongue.

The educational classes start with one hour of Tamil language lessons and then music lessons with Tamil instruments. They are currently held at Bucks New Uni every Saturday and before that were held at Sir William Ramsay School.

They are Hindus and currently worship at the Green Street Community Centre.

He said: "Anybody can join in with the classes or worship. We are a community organisation.

"We don't go into any politics."

The property is currently empty in New Road is currently empty. Classes would be held on Saturday between 12 to 6pm.

Worship would be Monday to Thursday from 6 to 10pm with about 10 to 15 devotees.

On a Friday there would be 25 to 35 devotees and on a special day 50.

The hours on Sunday will be 12 to 9pm with about 10 to 25 devotees.

Go to the Wycombe District Council planning portal for more details.