CIVIC leaders took part in a flag flying ceremony as High Wycombe celebrated Commonwealth Day.

Dignitaries and members of the district’s community groups gathered at Wycombe District Council’s offices in Queen Victoria Road as the Commonwealth Flag was raised.

Flags were raised at 500 locations around the British Isles yesterday to mark Commonwealth Day.

Cllr Ian McEnnis, WDC chairman, said: "As a member-country of the Commonwealth, we are delighted to join many others across the UK in flying the flag on Commonwealth Day.

"Commonwealth countries work closely to improve the lives of millions of people around the world and Commonwealth Day provides an opportunity to promote understanding on global issues."

A specially written Commonwealth Affirmation was read out at the ceremony, as was a message from the Queen.

Bruno Peek, Pageant master and originator of Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth, said: "The event is the largest, single, raising of the Commonwealth Flag in the history of the Commonwealth.

"The success bodes well for the future as we extend the invitation to involve all 53 countries of the Commonwealth and UK overseas territories, to make this the largest-ever annual occasion involving local communities throughout the worldwide Commonwealth family."