WORKERS at John Lewis are celebrating after their annual bonus was announced - this year the equivalent of eight weeks' pay.

The bonus, at 15 per cent, is from a national £202.5 million pool and has dropped slightly from last year's 17 per cent.

Lisa Williams, head of branch, John Lewis High Wycombe said: "Last year saw John Lewis High Wycombe invest £16 million to upgrade and refurbish its selling landscape.

The results have been outstanding both in sales and feedback as customers have welcomed the introduction of both men's and women's fashions, nursery, toys, crafts and childrenswear, as well as broaden beauty and the audio and visual departments.

"During last year we also celebrated our 25th anniversary and I would like to thank all of our customers who have shopped with us during this time and have been patient with us while we have transformed the shop."

She thanked all the partners, old and new, for their hard work in 2013 .

Colin France, 47, in stock management, said: "I’ve worked here for 25 years but I still get just as excited about the bonus now as I did when I first joined. I think the same can be said for all Partners at High Wycombe.

"There is always a real buzz in the shop at this time of year as we all anticipate the results and the celebration."