A WORLD-record chasing Bucks woman is climbing the highest volcano on all seven continents, in memory of her father.

35-year-old, Sophie Cairns, from Denham, is hoping to complete the challenge in just four months slashing the previous record of over a year.

She said: “This project is dedicated to the memory of my father, Anthony Richard Taylor, who passed away in 2008 only two weeks after his diagnosis. It was devastating.

“Since then I have climbed a mountain a year to raise money for a cure for esophageal cancer.”

Esophageal cancer kills with devastating speed. By the time someone develops symptoms, the disease is often said to already be at an advanced stage.

Originally from Hong Kong, Sophie is still on track to break the previous best after she recently reached the summit of Mount Giluwe (4,368m), Australasia’s highest volcano.

She said: “I am thrilled that we reached the top despite the bad weather conditions.

“The local guides were very impressive and I felt extremely safe with them.”

On her website, Sophie said: “The trip was quick but tough: 10 hours to hike to base camp, followed by summit day in the chilly driving rain and fog (including some climbing on slippery rock) followed by the descent and another seven to eight hours of hiking back to the village.”

Sophie, a former journalist, started her record bid in December by climbing Mt Sidley in Antarctica. She travels to Chile next to tackle the highest peak on the circuit, the massive Ojos del Salado (6,893m).

All the climbs are tough and if she finishes the challenge Sophie will have climbed the biggest volcanoes in Antarctica, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, the Andes, Tanzania, Iran and Russia.

The seven volcanoes challenge is become increasingly popular and Sophie is in a race against time to get her name in the record books.

To follow Sophie challenge or for more information please visit: www.sevenvolcanoes.com