A PROPERTY developer which has the option to develop on Slate Meadow between Bourne End and Wooburn has released a statement saying they will not be submitting a planning application at the moment.

Gladedale Estates have confirmed that they have had an option for a large part of the land at Slate Meadow for eight years.

A Gladedale Estates spokesperson said: “Gladedale Estates entered into an option for a large part of the land at Slate Meadow in 2006, with Croudace Homes and Wycombe District Council owning smaller parcels of the site.

The land is allocated as a reserve site by the council to help cater for future growth, and has space for between 160 and 175 homes. “We are working with Croudace Homes and the council to maintain the site’s status as a reserve site and promote the site as being suitable for development in the future.

While we have no immediate intention to submit a planning application, we recognise the longer term need for new housing in this area and will work with the council and local community to deliver a high quality, sustainable development when appropriate.”