A COUNCIL upheld a grievance made against it by its deputy clerk - leading to a formal apology from its chairman.

The specific details of the complaint were discussed confidentially and have not been revealed.

However, it is known a grievance was made by the deputy clerk against Hughenden Parish Council, regarding one of its councillors.

On February 27, this was upheld by a panel, set up by the council.

At Tuesday night's monthly meeting the council agreed on a number of points put forward by the panel, among which were that the chairman, on behalf of the council, apologised to the deputy clerk.

There was some initial disagreement over this as councillors felt the responsibility did not lie with the chairman to apologise, but with the individual councillor whom the complaint centred on.

It was agreed the apology would take place though.

Other points agreed were for the chairman to give assurance to the deputy clerk that she continues to have the full confidence of the council and an offer of counselling is made to her.

It was also eventually agreed there would be training for councillors upon their responsibilities towards their employees.

Some councillors took umbrage with this as they already considered themselves polite and courteous, and that training should be directed at the individual councillor.

But others said it would help councillors detect wrongdoing and understand the correct procedure.

The final point had to be taken into the confidential section of the meeting.