A CAR crashed into an estate agents in High Wycombe today – injuring one and causing traffic gridlock around the town centre.

A Nissan Micra left the road and smashed into Hunters in Easton Street just before 3.30pm, Thames Valley Police confirmed.

An employee of the estate agents sustained minor injuries in the crash but the male and female in the car were said to be “shaken but fine”.

It brought back horrific memories of a car crash at the same shop front in 2001 that left two people dead.

Sarah Holloman, who works opposite in Hurst, witnessed the smash.

She said: “I noticed the car coming down the hill, it lost control as it reached the bend and it crashed through the window and has gone right through to the back of the shop, none of the car was hanging out.

“A lot of people were milling about and one of my colleagues spoke to the guy in Hunters, who was in on his own. He was walking and talking; he just had a bit of dust on him but was understandably shaken up.”

Two women died after a 36-tonne lorry ploughed into the same office in Easton Street - then the premises of Aitchisons - back in 2001.

Customer Sally Jamieson, 40, and Maggie Doel, 48, who worked at the estate agents, both lost their lives in the accident, which happened when the brakes of the lorry failed coming down Amersham Hill.

A motorist broke her leg after her Seat Leon crashed into Lea & Lindars in Crendon Street in 2009. It is believed her brakes failed.

A dark Jaguar ploughed into the front of Local Roots in Crendon Street on June 2013 after the driver had a “medical episode” at the wheel.

Ms Holloman said it was an issue of concern to workers in the area and has called on the transport authorities to take action.

She said it would be a “no brainer” to install bollards along the central island where Easton Street merges with Queen Victoria Road and Crendon Street.

Easton Street, the right-hand lane of Queen Victoria Road and the southbound lane of Crendon Street were closed for about an hour while the emergency services attended the scene, causing gridlock. 

The roads were reopened at about 4.45pm.

TVP said an investigation into the collision will be launched.