AN estate agents tweeted to say “everyone is OK” after a car crashed into its office yesterday.

A Nissan Micra travelling down Crendon Street left the road and smashed into Hunters in Easton Street just before 3.30pm yesterday.

A Hunters’ employee sustained minor injuries and the two people inside the blue car were said to be “shaken but fine”, police said.

Hunters took to the social media website to post: “Just to let our followers know that everyone is OK. Thank you for your messages.”

The front of the premises was boarded up this morning as the call for bollards to be installed to protect businesses and pedestrians got louder.

Two women died in 2001 after a 36-tonne lorry ploughed into Aitchisons estate agents, which used to be in the same Easton Street unit.

Vehicles have also crashed into Lea & Lindars estate agents and Local Roots delicatessen in Crendon Street over the last four years.

Sarah Holloman, who works in Hurst, witnessed the smash and believes it is a “no brainer” to place bollards along the central island where Easton Street merges with Queen Victoria Road and Crendon Street.

Free Press readers took to our Facebook page to support the idea. Azher Raja posted: “Lucky escape! Bollards are a good idea and would be a good use of council money.”

Kirsty Griffiths wrote: “Bollards needed! Should have been in after the last time.

Kathryn Cabrera posted: “When are they going to protect those shops?”

The BFP contacted Buckinghamshire County Council this morning to ask if it will consider installing bollards or other safety measures in the Easton Street area.

The transport authority’s response will be uploaded when we get it.