A TRAIN'S toilet has been transformed into a loo with a view that gives occupants the chance to gaze out at a mocked up viewpoint from Hughenden Manor instead of the usual grotty grey interiors.

It marks the latest in a series of revamped toilets on the Chiltern Line’s Birmingham to London trains.

The company says it aims to create “inspiration stations” in the toilets, which it describes as “a window into a different world” to give rail-users an alternative to the normal grim image of the passenger loo.

This particular one has been designed to resemble the Manor, the home of Victorian statesman and one-time Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

A floor to ceiling vinyl image depicts the gardens and a marble sculpture of Mary Anne’s foot made from an original cast.

Thomas Ableman, Director at Chiltern Railways said: “We’re always looking at ways to create a memorable experience for our passengers. Toilets are traditionally a place to avoid so we have transformed them into an inspirational space with a view. Our only concern is that they’ll be so popular we’ll have people queuing up for the best seat on the train.”

Robert Bandy, Heritage Manager at the National Trust’s Hughenden Manor added: “It’s really great to see some of the objects and furniture from Hughenden being shown in such a different way. “Benjamin Disraeli loved to show off and I am sure he would find it particularly amusing to show off aspects from Hughenden in a way that he would never have dreamt of.”

The new “inspiration space” is among the improvements that the company has made in its bid to tempt passengers over from Virgin Trains. Following faster trains and free W-Fi, the company has recently embarked on a rolling programme to overhaul the carriages. Passengers have been treated to new seat covers, tables and carpets, following the style of the popular silver trains. The exterior has also been enhanced to resemble the livery of the silver trains.