SHOPPERS can help shape the future of the Wycombe District by visiting a council’s ‘video kiosk’ in Eden.

Wycombe District Council has set up two touch screen booths in the shopping centre in a bid to gain the views of residents – particularly younger people and full-time workers – on the Local Plan.

The booths have been set up outside Starbucks and they will be there for the rest of today and all of Saturday, with the council claiming the interactive form can be completed in just 60 seconds.

WDC said the results will provide a general snapshop of views and will be used in conjunction with the responses it receives to the full consultation, as the kiosk does not go into the same level of detail.

Spokesman Sue Robinson said: “It’s about taking the consultation out of the meeting rooms and to the people on the streets.”

Click here for more information on the Local Plan and the consultation.