A CAT which has eaten the head of a plastic duck is recovering after vets had to surgically remove the toy.

Fluffy the cat is owned by a family in Gerrards Cross and is infamous for mischievously acting like a dog.

Sue Hattam, who teaches at Beaconsfield High School, says: "Fluffy is four years old and is adored by all of us. The problem is, she thinks she's a dog and likes to fetch and retrieve. She's already had a toy Nerf bullet removed from her stomach!”

Despite Fluffy’s previous antics, the cat was not deterred from eating small toys and this time had to have the head of a plastic duck removed.

Mrs Hattam said: “On Sunday evening we were watching TV when she trotted past with the yellow duck sticking out of her mouth. My son Thomas tried to take it out but it was too late – the head was missing!

“I was very worried and hoped it would pass out naturally, but then she started being sick and I knew it must be stuck somewhere. I took her straight to Goddard Vet Group in Chalfont St Peter.”

The Goddards Vet Group in Lower Road is part of a chain of veterinary surgeries working in the greater London area for 60 years.

Vet David Evans said: "Fluffy was very unwell when we saw her because the duck's head was completely blocking her small intestine, stopping her from absorbing fluids and nutrients. We were worried about her and decided to operate immediately.

“We are pleased with how well she has recovered and wish her well for the future. Hopefully we won't be removing anything else from her any time soon!"

Mrs Hattam added: “We're so happy to have her back home and getting back to her normal self. We'll try to keep an eye on what she eats but she's a law unto herself."