A NEW sports facility to be built in Flackwell Heath could unite the community, not tear it apart, claims a Parkour coach from Chesham.

The building of a controversial Parkour facility is to start within the month, despite fears from residents that the new site would be a haven for anti-social behaviour.

Parkour is a fairly new high-adrenaline sport similar to free-running where participants have to navigate their way around obstacles.

Reece Chapman, a Parkour coach said: “There is a surprisingly big market for Parkour, and I was really happy when I saw a new facility would be built in Flackwell Heath.

“We have found that these activities are good for the community. At the end of the day you will get trouble anywhere, even at parks. It is only up to the individual and how sensible they want to be.

“There is nothing we can do to control that, if there is a way to police it I am sure that will be looked in to.”

He added despite what people see on the television Parkour isn’t all about running and jumping off buildings and it is instead quite controlled.

Mr Chapman said: “There is a slight difference between free-running and Parkour. It is basically movement from point A to B. However, there are a lot more tricks and flicks."

He added: “It is great that people now have a place to train locally.”

The new Parkour facility will be built on the recreation ground near Straight Bit road.