MOTORISTS are being urged to ensure their vehicles have a valid tax disc on display after police seized two vehicles in High Wycombe.

The vehicles were seized in the Totteridge area and taken to a compound on Friday by the Wycombe Neighbourhood Policing team because they did not have a valid road tax disc in the windscreen.

Officers said the owners of the vehicles now face paying a £300 release fee on top of the cost of taxing their vehicle - or they could be scrapped.

Inspector Morland said: “DVLA statistics show untaxed vehicles are more likely to be involved in criminal activity and are at greater risk to other road users.

“My team will continue to stop untaxed vehicles and have them removed; this will help make our roads safer for everyone.

“The majority of people who have had their cars seized in High Wycombe go on to get them properly taxed, however some end up sold or as scrap because no one comes forward to claim them within the 14 days.”

Under the current rules, police can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to motorists who have taxed their vehicles but fail to display the disc.

Officers have the power to seize a vehicle which is not taxed.

Inspector 1878 Morland “It is important to note that if residents see an untaxed abandoned vehicle on a public road they can visit the DVLA website and anonymously report it”.

But the law will change in October when the paper tax disc is abolished and replaced by an electronic system, enabling motorists to pay by direct debit.