AN evening of mediumship is being held in Piddington, to raise money for the British Lung Foundation.

Julia Walters has organised the event in the name of Being Len's Friend. She lost her 84-year-old dad, Len Reeve, in March 2012 to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis of the lung (IPS).

She has been fundraising for BLF since Len, who lived in Beacons Bottom, died. And she said her next event will see four to five mediums giving messages to loved ones from the spiritual world, supported by the Maidenhead Spiritualist Church.

Julia said: "It wasn't until my dad passed away- it affected me really badly.

"He was my best friend, as well as my father. We lived together and spent every day together.

"When he passed there was a big hole to fill. The church filled that hole and helped me to recover, knowing that people don't die- they just go into the room next door."

Julia is a trainee spiritual healer and medium. She said: "I actually knew years ago I was quite spiritual. When my grandfather died in 1977 he came to me before he actually passed away.

"When the phone call came at 6.30am and my dad said; 'Grandfather's passed,' I said; 'He was only here two hours ago.'"

At the fundraising evening there will be songs, cupcakes and hot drinks, and then mediums will pass messages on to people there.

She said it depends on the individual if they want to hear any messages from beyond the grave, as the mediums will ask them.

Julia, who is also going to start a support group for IPS, attends a circle at the church each week to develop her mediumship.

She said: "I do talk to my dad. I have to tell my dad, when we work in circles, to stand aside.

"I have to tell him I am working."

The demonstration is on March 29 at Piddington Village Hall from 6.30 to 9pm. There is a £10 entrance fee.

Call Julia Walters on 07721 444463/ 01494 484974.