FOUR members of staff from the Bucks Free Press are competing to become the biggest loser, with the help of non-invasive liposuction.

The fat loss challenge started last week at Slimproved in Maidenhead with owner, Ivana West.

Each of the four staff members will have nine sessions of the treatment, which uses ultrasound to break down fat cells.

A probe is rubbed over the area, where you most want to lose fat, causing vibrations and the formation of micro-bubbles within the cells.

The fat within the cell turns from a hard state into liquid, allowing the body the process the fat removal through the lymphatic system.

The treatment targets stubborn areas, such as the tummy and thighs.

Slimproved promotes a healthy lifestyle at the same time, and the BFP employees have been given tips on eating healthier and upping their water intake.

Each session is no more than 20 minutes and after the nine sessions they will compare notes on how many inches they have lost.

The final feature will go in our monthly lifestyle magazine, Elite.