THE Reggie Goves Centre will be closed to save a council money – sparking anger and upset from the people who use it.

Wycombe District Council said the complex in Paul’s Row, High Wycombe, will be closed as a staffed council service on March 31.

The authority said it has made a commitment to shave £92,000 off its halls service budget by the end of the financial year.

Margaret Johnson, who uses the centre ever Tuesday and Thursday to catch up with friends, said everyone was “deeply upset” by the decision.

She said: “We old people don’t get out as much as we once did, so going down to Reggie Goves to meet with your friends and play bingo is something we all look forward to.

“We are all angry and deeply upset because we could end up with no-where to go. The older generation built High Wycombe yet we’re having things taken away from us.”

WDC spokesman Sue Robinson said the council was in “exploratory talks” with the Wycombe Multicultural Organisation which oversees the Hilltop Community Centre in Crest Road, High Wycombe.

She added: “We are inviting expressions of interest from the community as well as from commercial interests to let or purchase the premises.

“In the meantime, we are working hard to help groups who use the Reggie Goves Centre to find suitable alternative venues.”