THE MP for Chesham and Amersham visited a school last week to congratulate it on its very green credentials.

Little Kingshill Combined School held an environmental week, dedicated to the area of waste.

Classes did a variety of activities and the children learned about the effects of our 'throw away' society.

MP Cheryl Gillan visited the school last Thursday to formally launch the school's solar panels following an invite from headteacher, Grishma Sutaria.

She said: "It was a great pleasure to visit Little Kingshill School and to open their new solar panels.

"Thank you very much to the pupils who showed me round their wonderful school, and to Mrs Sutaria for inviting me.

"I was so happy to see pupils take such pride in where they learn, and to be so excited and well informed about environmental issues.

"As a solar school, Little Kingshill help put clean energy into their classrooms, as well as raise awareness about energy efficiency and ways to save energy in everyday life. I was so impressed by the school’s commitment to preserving our natural environment and their fundraising efforts so far, and I hope the new solar panels greatly benefit the school and its staff and students."

Eco-warrior Phil Williams of Plan-It Eco, also inspired pupils with classes on the importance of investigating reducing, recycling and re-using.

The school has already achieved Green Flag status as part of the international Eco Schools Programme, and last year successfully raised £15,000 to install solar panels as part of the Solar Schools initiative.

This galvanised all the key stakeholders in the school to work together, including children, parents, school staff, the parents’ association FOLKS, the governing body and businesses.

The school will further enhance its sustainability credentials when it implements a BioMass boiler later this year.