TWO teenagers from Princes Risborough gave up technology for a week to raise money for Sport Relief.

Rosa Spence and Caitlin Blue wanted to get involved with the BBC fundraiser, which mixes comedy and sport to raise money for charity.

As teenagers who use their mobile and computer every day they decided to challenge themselves to give up technology, including TV and CD players, for a week.

They succeeded and together have raised £230 for Sport Relief.

Rosa, 14, said: "At the beginning it was quite difficult. I didn't really know what to do without technology because I use it so much.

"But towards the end of the week I quite enjoyed it and I found more creative ways to entertain myself."

She read seven books, went cycling and went outside more.

Rosa, who is in Year 9 at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury with Caitlin, uses her computer for social media and homework research and her phone to text friends.

She said: "We didn't talk after school. Not many people in my class live in Princes Risborough.

"A lot of them live quite far out. We couldn't talk until we came back into school."

Caitlin, 13, uses her laptop to watch YouTube and to do homework.

She said: "It was ok actually because at first I was a little scared I wouldn't have anything to do.

"I cleaned my room and I read a book and did homework and things like that.

"There is so much to do I didn't really think about it."

Their families didn't believe they could do it at first, so were impressed when they completed the week challenge on Saturday.

Caitlin said: "I watch a lot of TV- probably because everyone watches it too.

"I found myself going into the room where people were watching TV and I had to leave."

Rosa added: "We wanted to do something to help people less fortunate than us and to live like people who don't have access to technology like we do."