A CHARITY which has kept blind residents up to date with the news in south Buckinghamshire for 30 years is appealing for donations to improve its service.

The Wycombe Talking Newspaper, which is delivered to the homes of blind residents on CDs and memory sticks that are plugged into boom boxes, has recorded the news and sport printed in the Bucks Free Press since 1984.

But the charity’s listeners have halved in recent years and its expenditure now out-weighs donations, sparking a fresh appeal from organisers.

Paul Deacon said: “With our rents and costs rising, chiefly of boom boxes, we found in recent years that our income no longer matches our expenditure.

“Although we have about a dozen boom boxes in stock we want to increase the number of our listeners and need to buy new boom boxes.

“The talking newspaper is a long-standing local charity which provides a useful and informative service to visually impaired people.

“It offers an opportunity for readers, recordists and copyers to join together and improve their skills and is a service which we would like to expand on.”

To make a donation, volunteer your services or if you would like to receive a copy of the talking newspaper, visit www.wycombetalkingnewspaper.org.uk