PEDICURES were given to the vicar and his congregation at a Flackwell Heath church today as the Easter celebrations kicked-off early.

Seven health and beauty students from Flackwell Heath’s Amersham and Wycombe College gave manicures and pedicures to all at the church as part of an old Christian tradition.

Reverend Chris Bull of Christ Church in Chapel Road, who organised the event, said: “It was really good, people really engaged in the spirit of the event.

“I had a pedicure and have never had anything quite like that before, it was very relaxing, it was nice to have some moments of peace.”

The event was organised to remember Jesus washing his disciple’s feet two thousand years ago.

Until the 17th century it is said England’s monarchs washed the feet of the poor at Westminster Abbey every Maundy Thursday.

Although this tradition is no longer continued, many Christians still take part in the washing.

Reverend Bull said: “It was a bit off the wall and peculiar but I think it was a good way to remember a nice tradition.”

Christ Church will celebrate Maundy Thursday on April 17, with Holy Communion and foot-washing at 8.00pm.