DRAGONS have been popping up around a Great Missenden school as part of a project launched by the National Gallery.

Youngsters at the Gateway School were given the task of recreating a famous painting through music, drama and poetry as part of the 'Take One Picture' project.

The Paolo Uccello work 'St George and the Dragon' was the school's selected artwork and pupils recreated their own version of the painting.

And they took things a stage further by conducting science experiments to discover which material would make the best suit of armour to repel a dragon attack, and writing labels for the painting in shodo - a Japanese form of calligraphy - in art class.

Their work was shown off during an exhibition and open evening last week.

Headteacher Sue La Farge said: "The project inspires and enhances teaching and learning through the stimulus of a work of art. As a school, we incorporate the project by linking activities to our schemes of work across the curriculum.

"The whole school unites in this shared project, with children from as young as two in the Early Years Unit through to 11 year olds in year 6. It has been an exciting stimulus for the children over the years and this year proved to be no exception."

It's the tenth time the Gateway School has taken part in 'Take One Picture'.