A NEW £12 million motorway slip road which could be built on Spring Lane, Flackwell Heath, would not benefit the village, the residents association say.

The proposal as part of the Wycombe District Councils Local Plan shows that a possible new route could run through Spring Lane, near Heath End Road, Flackwell Heath.

The new junction 3a would enable motorists to access the northbound M40 from Wycombe, without having to drive to the already congested Handy Cross - although the council says this particular plan is just one of several options being considered.

Flackwell Heath Residents Association Secretary Chloë Andrews-Jones said: "One of FHRA's charitable objects is to ‘promote the preservation, development and improvement of the character and amenities of the village’.

"FHRA believe that any development needs to be the right development."

She added: "We do not believe that the installation of a motorway junction along Spring Lane (a single track lane with passing places and challenging topography) is the right development.

"We feel that a Junction 3A between Flackwell Heath and High Wycombe would have a huge impact on traffic flow through the village, which is already at unacceptable levels on badly maintained roads."

Although plans are only at a consultation period at the moment there are real concerns amongst residents that not only will traffic and noise increase but also there is a chance villages and towns will all become connected.

Miss Andrews-Jones said: "The consequential development of the area around the junction would severely impact the areas of green spaces between Flackwell Heath and High Wycombe.

"And we have a huge concern that the vitally important green areas around the village would be eroded and the village would be swallowed up by High Wycombe."

The Residents Association have also raised concerns that not enough people have seen the planning document which was distributed to households in the area.

Miss Andrews-Jones said: "We have distributed a flyer to every house in the village asking people to look at the local plan documentation and submit their comments.

"The attendance of close to 100 people at FHRA's recent AGM (probably twice the usual number) when we invited people to come along and discuss the Local Plan demonstrates that people in the village have real concerns."

Councillor Neil Marshall, WDC Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainability, said: "The local plan explores various options for long term planning right up to 2031.

"It looks at all sorts of ways we can help the district grow in terms of ensuring there are enough homes for local people to live and finding new employment sites in the district to attract new jobs into the area.

"Junction 3a is one of many options under consideration. It would be a long term, high cost project which would need more detailed feasibility work and the approval of the Highways Authority, if we were to progress the idea."