A HOTEL will be turned into a large family home, after planning permission has been granted.

The Chiltern in Saunderton, which was formerly The Rose and Crown, will now become a large family home with 14 bedrooms.

The business will close on Sunday, April 13 and the five full time staff will have to look for jobs elsewhere.

General manager, Scott Sandle, said: "The object of the new owner coming in was to turn it into housing at some point.

"We were anticipating it was about a year away- we were surprised it was as soon as it was."

Mr Sandle has found a new job and he said so have some of the other staff.

He said the place has been on the market for seven years.

Arafat Akhtar made the planning application through the agent, Project Design Architects in West Wycombe Road.

The development has be started within three years of the planning permission being granted.

There were numerous other conditions, including the introduction of a scheme to protect the proposed development from traffic from the Wycombe Road and rail noise from the adjacent railway.

No other part of the development is allowed to be occupied, until access is put in from Lee Road, and within one month of occupation the existing Wycombe Road access points not incorporated in the development should be stopped up.

The proposed dwelling will accommodate a garden room, four living rooms, study, TV lounge, kitchen/dining, cloakroom and a guest bedroom at ground floor level and 13 bedrooms at first floor level.

At the moment the majority of the building is a hotel with 25 per cent of the floor area in use as a public house.

The decision notice from Wycombe District Council said there is no deficiency of community facilities in the ward where the pub is located.