AN INDEPENDENT commissioner dealing with homeowners affected by the route of HS2 is set to be appointed.

The new role was announced today as part of a new Residents' Charter aimed at helping people living along the route of the London to Birmingham line have better access to important information.

HS2 Ltd said the move was to reassure residents they would be given a fair deal over compensation they would be entitled to.

They said all communications with residents would use "plain non-technical language" and they would give homeowners a single named case officer with direct contact detail and the chance to meet in private with HS2 property specialists.

The new commissioner will directly report to HS2 Ltd’s chairman, Sir David Higgins, and will be asked to produce a monthly progress report for the HS2 Board.

Sir David said: "We must be as clear about our compensation policies as we are about the other positives of HS2. Fairness, transparency and efficiency have to be at the heart of everything we do. People rightly want to know what they’re entitled to and how quickly we will deal with their claims.

"The new Charter and Commissioner will provide residents with the confidence that we’ll deal with each case clearly, fairly and as fast as we can."

For more information call 020 7944 4908.