A NEW supermarket to be built in the centre of Bourne End will soon “become a part of the village”, believes the chairman of the residents association.

As reported in the Bucks Free Press last week, permission for the new Sainsbury’s store as well as 25 retirement home apartments has now been granted.

Despite a first planning application having been turned down for the McCarthy and Stone apartments development, the design was changed and as is now viewed as being more in keeping with the area and therefore has been accepted.

Many residents voiced their reservations about the design of the new addition in Parade Court, but the Chairman of the Bourne End Residents Association, Jim Penfold, believes it is now much more suitable.

He said: “I think it is a great idea, and exactly what Bourne End can do with.

“Generally speaking, I think the design is considerably better that the first planning application. That design was an abomination.”

He added: “I described it at the planning meeting as looking like some cheap tatty housing block on the Costa Blanca.”

Changes to the new design include a pitched roof, and a different front to the building.

Despite saying permission was rightly granted, Mr Penfold is under no illusion that the development will stick out at first.

He said: “It would be nice if it was lower in height but we have to be practical, there are always pros and cons but generally speaking the pros outweigh the cons on this.

“The concept was never disapproved of, but the design was disapproved of. I am totally in favour of that.

“You get used to these things, I am sure it will soon become a part of Bourne End.”

McCarthy and Stone spokesman, Miles Willshire, said: “We’re delighted with Wycombe District Council’s decision to approve our proposals. We’d also like to thank the local community for their support and feedback received, as this helped us shape our final plans.”

Although unable to confirm a construction start date, McCarthy and Stone did confirm that building would start soon.