A REJUVENATION of Chepping Wycombe parks has begun, as the council aim to improve parks across the area in time for the summer.

Across the three wards of Chepping Wycombe Parish, which includes Flackwell Heath, Loudwater and Tylers Green, improvements are being planned.

Old equipment is due to be replaced with new modern climbing frames and playground equipment.

Work has already been done to update Loudwater Park on Station Road, as old frames and climbing apparatus was replaced with more modern durable frames.

Chairman of Chepping Wycombe Parish Council, Katrina Wood, said: “I think all three wards, Flackwell Heath, Tylers Green and Loudwater, have all ordered new stuff, or are about to order it.

“The Loudwater equipment has already been installed and by the end of the summer we hope to have something new in all three of the parks.”

Although the new Parkour playground equipment in the Recreation Ground in Straight Bit, Flackwell Heath, is due to be erected within the next few weeks, more work will be done in the park.

This work will include the removal of some children’s playing equipment to be replaced with the new stands.

Ms Wood added: “Most of the equipment in these parks is coming to the end of its life. It will probably take a couple of years to completely rejuvenate all the parks and to complete all the work we hope to do.

“We have been consulting with residents and we know that the improvement of the parks is high on their list of priorities.

“We know that a lot of the climbing frames are still loved and used. We will only be replacing the ones which either aren’t used or need replacing soon before they fall down.”

Work will continue until equipment on the Recreation Ground on Straight Bit in Flackwell Heath, Loudwater Park on Station Road in Loudwater and Ashley Drive Park are rejuvenated.