A PARISH councillor has criticised a residents association chairman about his behaviour at a public meeting, which she said was "offensive."

At last week's monthly Hughenden Parish Council meeting Cllr Linda Derrick said Tony Konieczny, chairman of Hughenden Valley Residents Association, was rude to her and Cllr Brian Swain at one of the association's meeting.

Mr Konieczny had written an email back to the chairman of the parish council, Roger Beavil, who had expressed his concern on Cllr Derrick's behalf.

Cllr Derrick said: "I would like to raise Mr Konieczny's behaviour at an open meeting.

"We asked for an apology for the behaviour to the meeting Brian and I want to.

"He emailed back with what I think is inaccurate, misleading and no apology.

"There is no recognition in that email that his behaviour was offensive."

Cllr Beavil said Mr Konieczny replied with if his language caused Linda Derrick offence he apologies.

Cllr Derrick threatened to say what Mr Konieczny said, but other councillors discouraged her.

Cllr Beavil said: "I don't want unruly meetings."

The matter was left, as Cllr Derrick said she simply wanted to raise the issue.

Mr Konieczny told the BFP: "Essentially she was not invited to the meeting. It was not a public meeting. It was a residents association meeting.

"She refused to leave when asked to do so and she used offensive language within the meeting when it started, for which she was reprimanded and for which she has not since apologised.

"The constitution of the residents association is it is open to everybody who lives within the area and is a paid up member of the residents association. Linda Derrick is neither of these and she had no right to be there."