THE shining sun ensured that Beaconsfield’s annual Cheese Makers Market was another success with hundreds of people attending.

The event was officially opened by Beaconsfield Mayor, Sandy Saunders and Town Crier Dick Smith.

Many different types of cheese, bread and chutneys were on offer throughout the day.

Town Crier Dick Smith said: “This event is one of the perks of my job, if I am not here it is probably not worth going to.

“Today (Saturday) I introduced the Mayor, he declared it open and I rang the bell to officially open and I have done that every year since it started.

World famous cheeses of all different varieties were on offer on the day, ensuring there was something for everyone.

Although attending the event under a working capacity, the Town Crier was still able to sample some of the food on offer.

He said: “I do enjoy some cheese, I prefer some of the hard cheeses but there is something here for everyone.

“It is really good to be able to brighten up the town with events like these.”

As well as plenty of samples on offer, people were also shown how to make their own cheese and there were opportunities for people to get home cheese making kits.

The event was held on Saturday, April 12 and was open for over six hours.