A CHESHAM rapper's début single peaked at number 11 in the world songs section chart on iTunes.

Michael Kamara, whose stage name stage name is Mikar-The-Vipar, was thrilled to see his song, Gimme Love, make it to number 11 last month.

He divides his time between his family home in Chesham and London, where he has been recording further songs in the studio.

He said: "It is a brilliant feeling. The best feeling is when people react to it and give you feedback, which is a lot better than any type of response from radio and TV stations."

Mikar is a hip-hop/R’n’B/Afrobeat artist, who has established an underground fan base up and down the country and as far away as Sweden, Germany and Africa.

It was in 2007 when he started taking music seriously and in 2011 he was invited to go and perform at the o2 Indigo in London, where Chipmunk and Wretch 32 also performed.

In 2012 he was invited to perform at the o2 Academy in Birmingham, which was headlined by Rita Ora.

He said: "These couple of months I have really been focussing on getting more material. I kind of like dropping songs every year or so."

Earlier this year Mikar travelled to Sweden to perfect his sound with popular Swedish rapper/producer Eazy B, and Gimme Love is the product of this partnership.

Gimme Love is a fusion of Afrobeat, ragga, dance and futuristic pop.

He also works with a producer called Delerious, who has worked with some of the big acts in the UK.

Mikar, 22, said: "DJs are starting to recognise us a lot more. It is just a matter of time in this music industry.

"You need a lot of financial backing. It is a very money orientated industry.

"It's not like football, for example, where if you have got the talent you get to the top.

"In music you have to put money behind you."

Mikar was born in Sierra Leone, but grew up in England and has always been inspired by his roots.

He said: "At the moment, what we are working on is trying to create as much of a buzz as we can."

Gimme Love is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon. Mikar's music videos are on YouTube.

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