A HOT air balloon which landed in Marlow town centre this morning touched down safely with no one injured, according to police.

Officers were called at around 8.30am after residents reported they were worried about the balloon flying low near houses.

One onlooker told the BFP it appeared as if the balloon had gone down quickly after hovering above the centre of town at low altitude.

But Thames Valley Police confirmed no one was hurt in the landing, which happened in Wethered Park to the west of the High Street.

The balloon operator, Virgin Balloon Flights, claim the landing was planned, and that it was chosen as the most suitable spot for landing.

A spokesman said that with the number of crop fields in the area at this time of year, the pilot aimed to avoid them and with balloons travelling with the wind direction, pre-determined landing sites cannot be made.

The balloon and basket has now been loaded onto a vehicle and taken away.