MARLOW’S Mayors will have to change their spending habits in the future after the council agreed to alter the way allowances are paid.

The annual mayoral expenses budget, this year £4000, is currently paid in two instalments to the incumbent mayor.

But Marlow Town Council members agreed last week to change the system to reimbursable expenses, meaning receipts now have to be produced in order to recoup costs incurred.

Councillors rejected the alternative option of paying the expenses on a monthly payroll system.

The Mayor is entitled to expenses during their time in the position to pay for costs incurred while carrying out the ceremonial role, which includes official openings, functions and public events.

Mayors also perform a variety of charity work in support of their nominated causes.

Town Council Clerk Annie Jones added that each year the Mayor is advised that it is necessary for them to declare this income to HM Revenue and Customs.

The current Mayor, Suzanne Brown, will find out next month if she will be voted for a second term in the office.