THE CULMINATION of the Wars of the Roses and the discovery of a lost King is a suitably lofty subject for an archaeology group’s biggest event since its formation over a decade ago.

Members of Archaeology in Marlow are gearing up to present a talk from Matthew Morris, field director of the dig which discovered Richard III’s body under a car park in Leicester.

Mr Morris, from the University of Leicester, announced to the world last year that his team had found the last resting place of Richard III, who died over 500 years ago at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

And the leading archaeologist will present to what organisers will be a packed Liston Hall on May 22 a talk on the monumental find, widely recognised as the most significant of its time.

John Laker, vice president of Archaeology in Marlow, said: "There are some experts we have been trying to get for over three years but they are not available, and this time we made one enquiry and he said he’d be happy to come down and talk to us.

“Over the last few decades this find is probably the biggest thing to come up in this country and it is difficult to think of anything more important historically.

“As far as I know he is the only King where we did not know the whereabouts of his burial.

“We have filled Liston Hall a few times before, and we hope to do that again not only this time but for our World War One special event in September.”

The archaeological dig started in a Leicester car park in 2012 and ended with sufficient evidence to confirm the gruesome nature of the King’s death.

It also tackled the Shakespearean myth of Richard as the “deform'd”, “rudely stamp’d” hunchback depicted by the Bard.

Mr Morris and his team also managed to piece evidence together to produce a vivid picture of Richard’s final moments on the battlefield and his hurried interment in Leicester’s Greyfriars Church.

So significant was the find that an argument broke out over where the remains should be buried, with the findings of a judicial review to be released in the next few weeks.

‘The King under the Car Park: The Search for Richard III’ will take place on Thursday May 22 at Liston Hall, Chapel Street from 8pm.

Tickets cost £5, or £4 for AIM members and are available on the door or in advance from The Tourist Information Centre, Institute Road 01628 481717.