AN ex-serviceman’s club has confirmed its Royal British Legion licence has expired but has vowed to continue to support the RBL’s activities.

The former Royal British Legion and Ex-Servicemen's Club said the licence ran out on March 31 and would not be renewed for the foreseeable future.

The club’s management committee said the move to ditch the RBL’s “archaic rules” was taken to bring it into the 21st century to starve off the threat of closure.

In a statement, the club’s management committee said: “We are committed to keep this long established facility open in its current location in honour of all present, future and ex-servicemen, women, their friends and families.

“In an attempt, to do this we need to bring it into the 21st century by changing archaic rules to a more modern day approach to hopefully increase footfall…

“…We have had to radically change our policies and change to be able to survive in this ever changing financial world. Closure or insolvency is a constant threat.”

Club members are being asked to suggest new rules and come up with a name for the St Mary’s Street club - which remains open during the transition period.

But despite the club parting with its RBL licence, Legion Hall could still be the home of the Poppy Appeal and the RBL if the branch wishes to use it.

The club committee said: “The ties with the RBL will not be severed. The branch, Poppy Appeal and other RBL business should be run out of the club premises as before, if they wish to do so.

“We will continue to hold any civic receptions, such at Remembrance Day events, here in the club.”