A FAMILY of martial arts fanatics has added another future champion to its ranks after an 11-year-old girl became the fourth sibling to achieve a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Florence Bonwick has followed in the footsteps of her older brothers and sisters to succeed at the highest level in the Korean martial art.

After completing the syllabus, which takes around four to five years to learn, Florence joined siblings Adam, India and Charlie to receive the accolade.

The family’s Tae Kwon Do instructor Paul Holmes said: "All children follow the same syllabus as adults in our clubs, so the black belt they achieve is the same as anyone else’s in the world - not watered down or made any easier."

"It’s amazing enough that any child has the tenacity and perseverance to get to Black Belt, let alone a whole family!"

As well as the black belted siblings, the rest of the family including eight year-old Billy all train at the Bytomic Tae Kwon Do club in Bisham.

And youngest brother Harvey aged 3, is waiting until he is old enough to start the discipline to start on the road to achieving his own black belt.