THE Cornish comedian, Jethro, is back on the road, but not for long. He doesn't like being away from his farm for too long, yet still enjoys making people, and himself, laugh on stage. He is coming to the Wycombe Swan this month.

Speaking to Jethro was a nice surprise. Unsure what to expect, I found him warm, friendly and easy to talk to.

Known for his West Country wit and adult humour, he has gathered an array of fans across the country during his many years as a comedian.

The Legend at Large tour will see some of Jethro’s classic stories from his long and successful career alongside new material.

He said: "Yeah I don't really do tours. I do three or four weeks and have done for years.

"I am trying to do a bit less now but I still keep going.

"The show is changing all the time.

"If I enjoy telling it, I will do it. It is more what makes me laugh now.

"I never grew up properly like."

And even now, after each show he will analyse how it went and work out which bits got the best laugh.

He said: "I go quiet for the next half an hour. For the last 40 years I have done that.

"I won't go to sleep until I go right through the show. 'Why didn't I get a good laugh at that.'

"That isn't like work- that is just for my own pleasure."

And it is only now that the comic has started to write bits of material down.

Jethro said: "I had a month off over Christmas. That was too long. When you are not working in comedy you don't think about it.

"You are put back on stage and you think what the devil am I going to do?"

At the age of 18 he joined the St. Just and District Operatic Society and, in addition to his bass voice, locals found he had a talent for making an audience laugh. He began visiting the pubs of Cornwall to sing and joke and quickly made a name for himself. He said over the years you learn what works.

"There are little things you learn. I met a comedian in a club. He was going to tell some Irish stories asn asked is there anyone in from Ireland? And there wasn't. Now he's in trouble.

"He had got no where to go. I said, never do that. You say I have got some friends in from Ireland," he said.

He added: "I enjoy seeing people laugh. I enjoyed laughing with them too."

Jethro most recently made the headlines when he said he would be supporting UKIP at the next election.

He said he is horrified at the amount of money which goes to Brussels and asked what Britain gets for the money?

He said: "They have been threatening for years, various parties, to have an election on Europe. I voted for them and they still haven't done it.

"I am not going to get involved- I am just a member.

"I am going to vote for them this time."

He said he is disinterested in politics really.

"Put it to a referendum. If we vote to stay, then fine. It is a democracy. I will take that.

"We had a little say years ago on the common market. Since then the MPs rail roaded us on.

"The brains of Britain are not in Parliament- they are outside. That is where the business people are."

Jethro recently appeared on Big Brother's Bit on the Side, when his mate, Jim Davidson was on the show, and ended up coming first. But Jethro is not interested in going on a show like that.

He said: "Comedy has been so good to me. I have just loved being on the road and have been able to fill theatres.

"It is like having your cake and eat it. There is no pressure of being a big star.

"You are only as good as your last show. You can be a big star this week and lose your charm and out of it that week.

"I don't have so far to fall."

For now Jethro will keep touring, as he gets his kicks from stand-up rather than TV.

He said: "You know and I know. You get a standing ovation. It doesn't mean anything. You come back three weeks later and there is no one there.

"I don't believe it until it happens."

Jethro is at the Wycombe Swan on May 24 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £19.50 (concessions £2 off) with a £1.50 booking fee. Call 01494 512000 or go to

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